Super Fruit Shatter
  • Super Fruit Shatter

    Super Fruit Shatter contains 1 gram of shatter

    WARNING: Contains Cannabis. Keep away from children and pets

    Directions: First, break off a tiny (seriously tiny, like crumb-sized) piece of shatter and place it on your dabber. Use your torch to heat up the nail. Allow it to cool a little and slide the dome over the nail. Use the dabber to place your shatter dose onto the nail inside the dome and inhale.

    Storage: For best results and long term holding, keep in dry cool place.


    Super Fruit is a cross between Fruit Loops and OG, according to the growers at Green Seed Farm. The bud I sampled was moist and spongy, but not wet or terribly sticky when I pulled it apart with my fingers, though it stuck to the blades of the grinder. The smoke is smooth and rich with a slightly sweet taste. The high is immediately calm and intensifies slowly but never gets too intense. It’s more relaxing than euphoric. The first time I tried it, it made me a little dizzy and more than a little sleepy as it started to wear on. A second outing during daylight also made me a tad lightheaded and ready to sprawl out, though I bounced back as it wore off. It’s definitely a strain I’d recommend to ease you into sleep but not something that’ll turn your brain off like a light switch, however, it also did not inspire me to get anything done.

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